Sunday, 26 August 2012

Liqour and Triggers Entry #19

So another Caribanna has passed us again and this year it was a peaceful one, for once. There have been a lot of extremely violent incidents lately and it has a lot of Torontonians on edge living in fear. I spoke to numerous people that said that they would not be attending the parade this year. Frankly I think that it’s unfortunate that when an event comes that everyone usually consumes a lot of alcohol that there are the additional chances of violence. Just think about it; young thug with a gun and something to prove; now add alcohol to someone with an already jaded judgment and BANG party’s over and a lot of times innocent bystanders pay the price. Many times I’ve seen people get into fights outside of bars because they have their beer muscles pumped but things can get ten times worst when weapons are involved. The root of the problem is the weapon itself then the bad judgment that is influenced by that bottle of Ciroc or Patron. It’s like the Wild West and all these kids have turned into drunken cowboys. On a personal note I’m just glad that I was able to stay sober and alert this year and still have a good time. I remember one year on Yonge Street the Friday night before the parade, I was mediating a big freestyle battle with one of my former artist on the corner of Yonge and Gerrard. We were so drunk and loud that we didn’t even hear the shots go off a few blocks down at Yonge and Dundas. Someone shot someone else right at Dundas Square in front of dozens of cops, sounds like a drunken decision to me. Fortunately my decisions are all now sober ones that lessen my chances of becoming a statistic. Like a lot of the crazy thugs these days I once carried guns and I made a lot bad decisions while drunk, so it’s a blessing for me that the triggers and the alcohol never mixed, because that is truly a lethal cocktail. Bless