Monday, 2 December 2013

Drunken Racing Entry #27

So at this point all my loyal readers of this blog are pretty familiar with my mission. For any new readers welcome and I hope reading this helps you as much I gain therapy from writing it. Anyone who knows me personally knows my story. I am a well known (semi) artist/manager in the Toronto/Canadian hip hop scene. As well as a recovering alcohol and full blown grindaholic. Most of my friends know me as a guy that's always been driving and I have gone through numerous cars over the years since my first one back in 2001. In 2008 was my first driving while impaired charge. I caught this driving drunk off a mickey of vodka after the cops witnessed me make a slight swerve on the highway. At the time I was trying to light up a blunt while driving. Being an advocate of responsible marijuana consumption I don't feel the weed was the problem. However taking both hands off the steering wheel to light said blunt wasn't the brightest idea especially with liquor on my breath. Just another amazingly dumb ass drunken idea. I blew over in the breathalyzer, did a night in the drunk tank and received a court order and temporally suspended license. I was actually fortunate to beat that charge but almost a year to that night I caught another impaired charge. This time after hitting the median separating oncoming traffic while being followed by police again. This time I was twice as drunk and refused to take the breathalyzer test. Refusing to do the test is just as good as an admission of guilt and a few months later I was convicted. My license was suspended for a year and I was required to take a workshop called back on track and get an interlock breathalyzer system to be able to drive any vehicle. After all my other legal woes I have I have been on the tedious task of getting on the road again. The back on track workshop cost $578. I've had to start the graduated license process all over again. I can only move on to the G2 level if I bring in a car with a breathalyzer for the road test. I couldn't get a breathalyzer put in my car without insurance but I couldn't get insurance with only a G1 license. Needless to say this has been a process with a lot of twist and turns. Thank God for good friends that have been helping me overcome these obstacles. By the way the interlock breathalyzer cost around $400 to install and $128 to rent for whatever the duration is and probably another $400+ to uninstall. It asks you to blow and retest at random times sometimes just 10 minutes after you start your journey. In the end taking cab on those 2 nights would've cost me way less than the money I've been bleeding until now to get back on the road not to mention having to take public transit after driving every day for 10 years. So with the holiday times among us with heavier police patrolling looking for impaired drivers, my advice is to leave your car at home when you go to the Christmas parties. Save yourself the money, headaches and embarrassment and drive safe and sober. Bless