Tuesday, 21 June 2011

THE SOBER EMCEE Part.7 Corruption

I’m writing ya’ll from the Toronto west detention right now, with my fiancé typing this into cyber space for ya’ll to read. Recently I was picked up by Toronto police for suspicion of carrying a hand gun which is totally false, ludicrous as well as slanderous.  It just proved to me that the devil is always hard at work. I will soon be shipped back to the federal pen where I will be awaiting my chance to speak in front of the parole board.  I know that I have been wrongly accused.  I will once again spend another birthday in jail, be away from my fiancé and away from my mother and her current ailing condition. Never the less I must still keep the faith. I can’t lie I got mad at god when I heard the news that I would have to head back to the pen.  Being innocent made me feel that god should be on my side and I should have been out a few days after I was picked up. I laid up in my bunk pisst off at god and the world. But when I calmed down I realized I couldn’t give up. I know everything happens for a reason and no matter the circumstance, god is always with me.  If I give up and go back to my drunken criminal ways, things will only get worse for me and I will probably end up with more time away. That’s time away from my family, friends, fiancé, and mother and that’s no help.

  I will continue to go to AA meetings inside, I will stay positive and I will continue to spread my message to whoever will listen. With god’s grace I will be home in no time. No matter what I can’t let the system win in their mission to break me down. God will overcome corruption.

Stay Blessed

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