Monday, 22 August 2011

The sober Emcee Part 9. Accountability and Frienemies

For those of you who know me and/or have been following my blogs, then you know that I am still currently at the Frontenac federal institution in Kingston Ontario on a alleged parole violation. I vehemently maintain my innocence on this slanderous accusation and pray that my innocence will be vindicated by the parole board at my hearing coming up very soon. I have been maintaining a positive attitude throughout this whole ordeal and keeping my faith in the lord very strong.

I have learned one very important lesson through this; always be aware of frenemies. To my knowledge I haven’t collect many if any enemies in my past, so there for the accuser must be a so called friend. This so called friend has accused me of engaging in criminal activity and has pointed my picture out of a police lineup. This shows me that potentially this person has recently received some legal problems and has fabricated a story about me to lessen their charges or jail time. It reveals to me that a lot of people have a problem with being held accountable for their own actions.

I’ve learned over the one year duration of my earlier incarceration through 2010 that accountability is very important. Through the previous years of my drunkenness and hustling I always wanted to point outward at the faults for my tribulations. “It’s the systems fault or the police.” I would say. It was the problems in my life that was the reasons I drank so heavily and made bad decisions, “blame it on the alcohol.” Like the song says. But it was me who picked up the bottle not the system that bought it for me or put it in my hands. I chose to do crimes in those days not the hood or the government that forced me to sell drugs. There’s a lot of people who put blame on others when they get caught doing illegal activity, they are called SNITCHES and even from child hood this is never known as a good trait. Our parents would always tell us that, “no one likes a tattle tale.” In my specific situation this person is not only considered a snitch but also a liar because the allegations are totally untrue. If I kept the same mentality then I would of came out of jail and went right back to the hustle to further risk catching a new charge like so many other inmates that I have met.

Bob Marley sang, paraphrasing the bible, “man to man is so unjust, you don’t know who to trust. Your worst enemy could be your best friend and your best friend your worst enemy.” This teaches me that the word trust is only to be reserved for a small few, keep a very small circle.

The old drunken me would have ill will towards my accuser. To find out whom it is and where they are and do something drastic to them which might in turn land me in even more trouble. But now with a clear sober mind and strong faith, I now pray for my so called enemy I pray that they can seek god to help them change their ways and help them out of their own tribulations, instead of using someone else ( namely me ) as their scape goat for their own situation.

So to my readers and loved ones, don’t worry god’s got my destiny in his hands and the truth shall set me free!


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