Monday, 12 September 2011

Locked in brings God out!

Part 10:Locked in brings God Out

It seems that a lot of times when people have their backs against the wall is when we call to God. This is especially true when it comes to people being incarcerated, a lot of times getting locked behind bars brings out ones religious and/or spiritual side. We have many Christians in jail, inmates that join the Islamic faith, we even have full out pastors and religious clergy men that were once convicts. I myself have experienced this same so-called awakening and since my incarceration in 2010, have begun to frequent the jail chapel and re-found Christ. Why is this? I ponder to myself, is this all real or is it just temporary until we are freed? Do we think that if we try to talk to God now, that He will open those prison doors sooner? I personally know that this is not true because I’ve seen many a chapel attendees get turned down for parole.

Ultimately it’s not how much we pray while inside that counts, but our true devotion and dedication to God and His ways that we live by when we get out. If God is all knowing then He can be able to see which of us really hold our praying and recognition in our hearts. He knows which one of us is going to continue a righteous path from the ones who only think of Him until we get out. I feel my faith is strong but I still feel that I should have tried harder to frequent church when I got out on parole. Not because God only blesses Christians who go to church, God judges by our actions not the venue we choose to worship Him in. I should have gone to church more often because that’s what I said I was going to do and a man’s word is his bond.

This goes to my belief that we should not only call on God in our hard times but also in our good times. When things are going well in our lives we must never forget to always give thanks to God. We must give back by being His workers in the factory of righteousness. By always giving a helping hand to someone in need, by looking outside of ourselves and being selfless rather than selfish, spreading the word to those who want it or by being more humble are all ways of living in Godly ways.

God is with us every day of our lives so we must not just acknowledge Him on our worst days but thank Him on our best days. So to all my convicts and former convicts, it’s good to speak to God while we’re inside as long as we continue to speak to Him when we get out.


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