Friday, 6 May 2011

The Sober Emcee 1st Entry

The sober emcee, sounds like an oxy moron doesn't it, sort of like jumbo shrimp. It seems that hip hop weed and liquor go hand in hand. Most of us usually need a drink to get into that writing mood or a blunt before we get in the booth. There's nothing wrong with that and I was exactly the same way. I used to smoke better than the best of them and down a bottle of vodka a night. Matter a fact one of my AKAs was Ricky Dred AKA 100 blunts to the head. Things are different now but still somewhat the same, let me explain. Since my recent incarceration I stopped drinking (By choice) and I stopped smoking piff (Due to conditions). That's way different than the way I used to live while I was still in the "Game". The thing that's the same though is I still write a lot of rhymes and record and my creativity has not been stunted in any way. I attend AA meetings almost everyday and I feel great and still spit hot fiyah Dylan, Dylan Dylan....Dylan LOL. This is an on going blog that I have started, not to try to be all preachy and tell artist they shouldn't drink or smoke but to give ya'll some insight into what's going on in my life and the experiences I have now that I'm sober. So till next time to all my fellow artist stay creative and keep putting out quality music.

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