Friday, 13 May 2011

The Sober Emcee part 3 "Say What you mean and mean what you say"

My Fiance asked me today about the things that people say when they're drunk and whether alcohol is like some kind of truth serum. The saying goes "Drunk words but sober thoughts" basically meaning that once someone is drunk the "real" statements come out, those are the things that they actually think of that person when they're sober but don't have the guts to say until they get those beer muscles. My belief is that this is true to a certain degree, a lot of what we say when the alcohol is/was in us comes from sober thoughts. On the other hand though alcohol can be very tricky on the mind and sometimes people say things that they don't really mean and it's just the crap that just spills out that was never there in the first place. Anger is anger and it doesn't necessarily mean that it takes a drink to bring out the dark side but it definitely does help. In hind sight I've said a lot of stuff that I didn't mean in my drinking days as well as shit that I've always had on my mind. So really there is no real straight answer that comes to the question of drunken words. The most we can do in life is just try to treat each other with respect all the time drunk or sober and also practice moderation so that we don't get to the point of being to drunk to control our mouths. I know a lot of people that say and do a lot of dumb shit when they get smashed but essentially are good people and just loose control sometimes. There is also the case of the mean drunk, those are the people who have a case of the Jekell and Hyde complex. Most of the time in those cases absence from alcohol might be a good idea because they can mentally or physically hurt someone when they're lost in the sauce. In the end of the day my advice is just try to stay positive most of the time but accept that things can be negative sometimes. That way if you drink a little bit to much one night you won't have to worry about what you said while drunk. And try to avoid fights while drunk because it's just going to wreck your buzz and good time.

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