Sunday, 8 May 2011

The Sober Emcee 2nd Entry "Do You"

It seems that many of us in the Hip Hop industry have been influenced by our favorite rappers over the years. Either when it comes to fashion, catch phrases, rhyme styles and car accessories. One of the influences that stand out for me is choices of liquor. When Busta Rhymes was talking about "Pass the Couvosier" everyone started drinking Couvosier. When Fabolous and all the rappers were drinking Hypnotic (Now MIA) everyone was drinking that or Incredible Hulks (Hypnotic mixed with Hennesey). We all know about the obsession created with our favorite rappers and their connection to Crystal champagne. These days everyone is drinking Ciroc and Nuvo and who can forget the syrup craze (Cough syrup and soda mix) that erupted from the Houston movement (R.I.P. DJ Screw). I started hearing about cats in Toronto actually drinking that cough revealing mixture as if the dirty south was here in the Megacity.
In the end of the day I have no problem with what anybody drinks but if your gonna drink something do it by choice not because Diddy or Tpain drinks it, drink it because that's your drink of preference. In my drinking years I developed a liking for Smirinoff  Vodka and no one raps about that shit, I just liked it. I don't know any rap dudes who drink Budweiser but I bet you if Gucci Maine or Rick Ross started making it their drink of choice and started pouring it on models in their videos then cats where I live would be ordering cases of that shit in the club.
In the end of the day drink what you wanna drink and drink responsibly and have fun, don't drink it because your favorite rapper says they like it. It's all marketing and trying to tell us where to spend our money. So remember just do you.

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